Committed to the care of the health and life of our people and the wellbeing of society


For Grupo Nutresa, sustainability is the main corporate framework and the basis that governs the actions we take to ensure the continuity of our business and to manage risks both responsibly and proactively.

The events related with COVID-19 have derived in global volatility and uncertainty. As a response, we have made fast decisions in order to address the corresponding emerging risks associated with this situation. As a first step, since March 5th, we created a Management Committee in charge of evaluating the day-to-day evolution of these events across the region, and interacting with our local response teams in order to implement quick and effective measures.

We have also established the following priorities for our operations:

The company has the financial strength necessary to ensure flexibility in this rapidly-changing environment, with a strong capital structure to support the operations and moderate debt levels with highly efficient rates. We will focus on administering the resources we have at our disposal, while prioritizing the Organization’s liquidity and business continuity at all levels.

As a final note, we would like to encourage everyone to focus your efforts in taking the best care of yourself, and of each other.